Her chaos is electric.

Glamorously deranged, she is driven by her unending desire to create freedom in the concrete prison of a city. Her rebellion is her fierce and entirely uninhibited expression of self.

Bold textures, dark makeup, brilliantly radiant pieces that command attention remain permanent staples. Full of nuance and contradiction, her wardrobe reflects her strong yet dichotomous nature, visually communicating both her power and her humanity.
Her story is one that echos that of all creatives living in the city. The passion for craft, The dedication commanded of one to merely get by. The ego crisis of rejection and the resiliance to overcome it.

Full of ambiguity, the linear facts of her life are in a sense irrelevant. Rather it is the ever fluctuating inner story that becomes important as its relatable honesty becomes the foundation for empathetic connection.

In her fiction, there is truth.